Ranch Life

I have debated for a REALLY long time on how to address this post! I planned on writing up a super special story and including a glamour shot of me trying to keep it together... BUT for those of you who know me I'm sure it would make you laugh!
I grew up in a smaller town in southern Idaho. My dad has had a handlebar mustache and big straw hat ever since I can remember. Growing up ranching was all we knew but you wouldn't ever hear us asking for things to be any different. I'm just a typical ranch kid with big dreams. My husband and I met as kids and married when I was 22 years old. Ranch life brought us together and it will probably never leave our lives.

We have two beautiful daughters that we intend to raise the same way we grew up and in the same small town. On any given day you can find me juggling between kids, cows, and clothes! We live a pretty simple life and we like it that way.
On most days my hair is pulled up in a mess and my makeup is half done if done at all. I split my days between running my store and feeding cows. If I had to describe my style I'm not sure I could! My style changes from day to day! One day you may find me in a tee shirt and jeans and the next I may be wearing a dress and heels. That is the beauty of fashion and my favorite part about being a black sheep.


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